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PHAROS LEADERSHIP launches the Institute of Executive Coaching & Mentoring – IECM
IECM designs professional development training packages and delivers trusted knowledge in the field of executive coaching and organisation development.

Sydney, August 1, 2016 – PHAROS LEADERSHIP is taking its 15 years of experience developing executive coaching and leadership development solutions, and launching the newly inaugurated Institute of Executive Coaching & Mentoring to educate and train coaches and executives, Australia and Asia Pacific.

Officially launching during August 2016, in Sydney and Singapore by Wade Azmy, Founder and Head of the newly formed institute, the institute aims to consolidate years of coaching training and executive coaching experience into programs of specialised education and training curriculum. The Institute will specifically benefit coaches and executives as they look to adopt its newly accredited Diploma of Executive Coaching by the Australian Skills and Quality Authority(ASQA).

“The IECM concept has been in development for many years. The establishment and launch of the institute demonstrate our commitments to the development of executive coaches and business leaders, as well as the up-skilling of current practitioners with the knowledge to help them face the challenges of today’s’ business” said Mr. Azmy.

At IECM, management understands the challenges of executive development and training in business. Training packages are designed with industry in mind and tailored to incorporate the latest research, theory and best practices from global tertiary institutions.

“We believe in experienced executives developing executives, in leaders growing leaders, and in long life learning approach for development and growth, our new IECM aims to deliver these” said Mr Leigh Bennett, IECM Senior partner.

At IECM, we inherited our Pharos vision of being recognised as “Evidence Based Development Leaders” within organisations. We also enjoy the powerful presence of our senior executive coaches across Australia and Asia. Our pursuit of excellence in coaching and development of executives and leaders offers relevant and engaging solutions to our clients, higher education and vocational partners.

The newly inaugurated IECM also partners with many of Australia’s and Singapore’s leading universities, teaching institutions and industry associations to deliver customised solutions, in order to meet the local requirements.

“Our leadership team, faculty and coaches represent our most valuable assets, 15 years of developmental coaching work, accumulation of 100’s of years in executive experience, and the efficacy of multi-disciplinary integrated sciences in learning provides us with a solid platform for developing our future leaders” added Dr Oliver Greeves, IECM Senior partner.

About IECM
Institute of Executive Coaching and Mentoring (IECM) has a series of specialised accredited training programs that benefit executive coaches and business executives. IECM also provides a comprehensive curriculum of professional development programs for business and professionals. IECM provides higher education opportunities under the professional studies program, in partnership with leading universities.

For more information, contact IECM at, or visit

About Pharos Leadership
Pharos Leadership is a talented team of professional senior executives and business leaders with appropriate qualifications and corporate experience. The company was founded in 2002 with a clear vision of being recognised as “Evidence Based Development Leaders” within organisations. Pharos Leadership develops insightful development solutions for organisations to achieve exceptional business performance and sustained competitive advantage, together with satisfying personal growth and financial reward for them, their employees and shareholders.

For more information, contact Pharos Leadership at

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