Pharos Institute
  • Since 2002, we have been  guiding 

    strategy-level leaders. 

    20 years of evidence-based development and strategic leadership experience, delivering transformation, performance and results for corporations in Australia, Asia and Middle-East​

Strategic Foresight

Authentically engaging with the future should be the primary responsibility of all leaders

Strategic Thinking

The way of solving strategic problems and opportunities  combining generative and rational thought processes 

System Thinking

The holistic understanding of how value is created in terms of its inter-dependencies

Strategy Decision Making

The formulation of strategy and related decision making as a produc of foresight and strategic thinking

Organisational Capability

The capacity to consistently achieve desired outcomes, to adapt and change as necessary, and to create and realise new opportunities. It encompasses the collective skills, knowledge, experience, systems, processes, culture, and other factors that enable and organisation to execute its strategy and achieve its goals effectively and efficiently. We support to:

  • define your baseline capabilities
  • articulate the required capabilities to execute your business strategy
  • develop a gap analysis
  • tailor solutions to bridge the gap
  • plan for capability development
  • provide resources and routines to expedite capability development

 "Foresight and strategic thinking are often mentioned but little understood concepts. Many organisations claim to be ‘foresightful’ and ‘strategic’ yet this often does not extend beyond empty statements, intuition, recipes of past success and the hubris of individual executives. Increasing business failures illustrate that this is not sufficient in meeting the demands of rapid change in an increasingly complex social and economic environment"

                                                                                                                                                                                      Luke van der Laan

Who We Are ?

About Us

Pharos Institute is a talented team of professional senior executives, business leaders and senior academics with appropriate qualifications and corporate experience. The company was founded in 2002 with a clear vision of being recognised as “Evidence Based Development Leaders” for organisations and strategy-level leaders. 

Pharos Institute develops insightful developmental solutions for organisations to achieve exceptional business performance and sustained competitive advantage, together with satisfying personal growth and financial reward for them, their employees and shareholders.




Happy Customers


Years Experience

Our Solutions

We provide a complete suite of executive and organisational coaching solutions for individuals, teams and groups. Our solutions cover a full range of coaching services; transition, career, skills, performance, developmental and leadership skills. 

Our solutions are powered by cutting edge assessment tools, and profiling instruments proved to be the most accurate in the industry. We complement it with a robust feedback process which focuses on information gathering, sorting data for relevance and developmental impact and providing effective communication that can lead to optimal results.

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Our Clients

We have a large and diverse client base in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Our clients operate across different sectors, including:
Banking & Finance
Major banks and financial institutions
Medical and Pharmaceutical companies, hospital administration and clinical staff
IT & Telecommunication
Tier 1&2 Telco's, integrators and service providers
Major construction companies, material suppliers and service providers
Manufacturing & Distribution
Major subsidiaries of European and American multi national corporations
Universities and higher education institutes
Not for Profit Organisation
Religious, industry, and community organisations
Local, State & Federal


Our track record in coaching and development of individuals and groups, within our diversified portfolio is live evidence of how effective are the solutions we implement in coaching, including: 

  • C-Suite of major listed corporations
  • Board members of public companies
  • Functional heads of multinationals
  • Middle management
  • Senior management teams
  • Project leaders
  • Transformation leaders
  • Strategic leaders
  • Innovation leaders
  • Initiative and program directors