Solutions for Professionals

Coach Qualifications

Executive Coach accreditation programs, developed by researchers, deliverd by practitioners, based on scientifc evidence, and executive wisdom, read more

Management Qualifications

The essential knowledge and skills required to become an effective leader. Programs are designed to be a very practical experience for participants, read more.

Higher Education

Your knowledge and expertise can form a solid foundation for your university qualifications based on workplace supervised projects, read more.

Professional Development

Gain executive skills from experienced professionals, learn about career and advancement opportunities and design your future success, read more.

Solutions for Oganisations

Executive Coaching

Fast-track executives to success in a broader role, expand their business acumen in key areas while benefiting from the expertise of global experts from a wide variety of industries, functional areas, cultures, and geographical regions.

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Leadership Development

A sustainable leadership framework, focusing on competencies and behaviours through targeted leadership interventions. Empowering leaders to own their development journey, move closer to their individual and organisational goals.

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Organisational Behaviour

Solutions to workplace issues; individual differences, employee engagement, high-performance teams, performance appraisal and careers, organisational design, culture, change, complexity, and organisational communication and conflict.

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Bespoke Solutions

Custom design allows organisations to meet specific challenges and business needs. Whether developing executives, leadership, targeting an organisation behaviour or culture improvements, we can take you where you want to go.

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“Every person, genius or moron, has a right to reproduce himself”

Lee Kuan Yew.


  • "I believe the Pharos Institute methodology is a unique coach training platform that has been a game changer in its approach to facilitate the learning of a professional skill set.  In addition to the psychological and scientific disciplines, it emphasizes on the whole person and finding positive outcomes in an approachable and sustainable manner.  The coursework was challenging but very rewarding as the concepts work seamlessly together.  The methodologies along with the continuing education ensures that my engagement with this discipline is relevant and professional."
    Rosa Wong
    Pharos Alumni
  • "I found Pharos’ evidence-based coaching methods very powerful and effective in delivering results desired by my coachees and their organizations. The blended learning methods, coupled with one-on-one coaching by Wade, ensured I have a solid foundation in coaching from the start. Now, with on-going case supervision and continuous professional development, my coaching skills continue to scale new heights progressively."
    Kenneth Low
    Pharos Alumni
  • "I spent over six months going through a rigorous coaching training program instituted by Pharos before I was accredited. The program provided an insight into the theoretical executive coaching underpinnings, in addition to my sizable management experience. It also helped me realise, with the hindsight, what I could have done better or what I could have avoided. Now through on-going weekly learning sessions the process continues. I learn something new every week."
    Pradeep Mathur
    Pharos Alumni
  • "I found the training at Pharos extremely enlightening and insightful. There is a lot of knowledge accumulated through years of experience that I benefited from in a short time. I learn the power of empathy and smart use of questions to draw the coachee to better understand himself/herself and see clearly the situation he/she is confronted with, and the tools to navigate complex situations. Feel confident that I can be an effective coach after the training and able to grow myself through  continuous professional development."
    Philip Chua
    Pharos Alumni
  • "I have been a coach with Pharos for over ten years. From the beginning, I was offered quality training that took me on a journey from a primitive understanding of coaching technique and coaching psychology to the Australian Standard for executive coaching - and beyond. At Pharos, our development never stops. Whether it is on the job or formal training, it is fifty-two weeks of the year of continuous education by seminar, reading or personal one-on-one discussion which complements our practice. Pharos can rightly hold its head high in the coaching industry as a world leader in developing executive coaches."
    Dr Oliver Greeves
    Pharos Alumni
  • "Pharos introduced me to the theory and practice of coaching. The Executive Coach Training provides a strong practical foundation which is continually enriched with continuous professional development. Pharos’s multidisciplinary approach gives me access to current evidence-based thinking and methods. This emphasis on evidence-based applied learning gives my clients the benefit of immediate access to contemporary coaching practice."
    Anthony Callinan
    Pharos Alumni
  • My personal learning and development as a Leadership and Executive Coach with Pharos provided me with an excellent platform to pursue my passion for helping people be successful.  The quality of training, continuous learning and ongoing supervision and support provided is industry leading.  Pharos provides a comprehensive, evidence-based service offering tailored specifically to meet client expectations.
    Allan Bain
    Pharos Alumni

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