Executive Coach Certification (ECC)





An Evidence-Based Professional Coach development training. It is based on the systematic use of cutting-edge theory and proven research from the behavioural sciences, linked to evolving coaching best practice. It is a professional, outcome-focussed training approach that delivers a measurable improvement in performance as well as supporting personal growth.

We deliver Evidence-Based executive coaching training using frameworks that are powerful, accurate and effective. Our coaches are skilled at establishing strong relationships, enabling them to supportively challenge the perceptions, assumptions and habits of thought and behaviour that hinder performance.

With an accurate understanding of the theory, application and coaching interventions from the outset, our graduates plan coaching programs that are:

  • tailored to cognitive preferences. This means the coach approach the coaching assignment in ways that are meaningful to the individual;
  • delivered using sophisticated methodologies appropriate to the individual and the situation;
  • focused on strengths yet enable insight into blind spots; and
  • able to provide a comprehensive plan for continuing personal and
    professional development.

PHAROS training programmes generate outstanding individual, teams and organisation outcomes.